Rothguard – Shell of Iron & Agony


The city of Rothguard has existed since the fall of the Yozi and the perversion of the king of the Primordials. As far as cities of Hell go, it has seen the fewest changes through its history, absent of the chaos and rage that so often occur within the many layers of Malfaes. Instead the city (and the layer it resides upon) are attached to the unnatural patience, self-hatred and contempt of Malfaes. The light of Ligier shines here (as it does everywhere within the Yozi prison) but its light is felt notably weaker here than elsewhere, the Green Suns pride obscured by the clouds of the Yozi’s self loathing.

The city is home to many notable second circle demons, and has been temporary home to various Third Circle Demons (when they choose to take form). It is more recently the home to the Tower of Glory, a periodic meeting place for the Thing Infernal.


Tower of Glory – Meeting place of the Thing Infernal
Field of Vis – Area surrounding the city commonly reserved for wars between Demon Kings and Green Sun Princes.
Cathedral of Bells – Church to the Adjoran.
The Ebony Obelisk – Temple and Library of the Ebon Dragon.
Days End – Palace and Temple dedicated to She Who Lives Within Her Name.


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