Infernal Monster Style

Infernal Monster Style

Background Explanation: The Enhanced Keyword

Below are a list of ‘enhanced’ keywords for Infernal Monster Style. Enhanced is a keyword introduced by White Wolf to make ‘native’ martial art styles for individual exalted types more attractive for them. This is specifically to address issues with Solaroids (Solars, Abyssals, Infernals). The reason for this is that CMA (Celestial Martial Arts) are balanced for Lunars and Sidereals. Solaroids native charms are much better than CMA charms, so the feeling is that a Soloroid investing into CMA is ‘nerfing’ themselves compared to a sibling whom is sticking to core charms. The enhanced keyword gives extra perks to charms for each of the Soloroids native fighting styles (Solar Hero Style for Hero, Dark Messiah for Abyssals, Infernal Monster Style for Infernals) to not only up the power, but make the charms a bit more interesting.

Infernal Monster Style

Retribution Will Follow
Enhanced: The Infernal may opt to behave under the effects of a controlled berserker rage instead of an uncontrolled one at the cost of an additional willpower, however doing so does not bleed any Limit points as the catharsis is muted and not fully realized.

Raging Behemoth Charge
Enhanced: The monster within the Infernal is only enticed further by prey that runs. If an infernal attacks a target with a close range attack and that target moves away from the infernal during his attacks, the infernal can pay 3 motes to dash reflexively directly towards his target, even if he has already taken a move action this turn. This power can only be used once per action.

Infernal Monster Form
Enhanced: The Warlocks unarmed attack speed reduction also applies during flurries.

God-Smashing Blow
Enhanced: This charm is a reflexive(Step 1) attack.

Fist of The Old Ones
Enhanced: Secondary targets of God-Smashing Blow take an internal penalty to their roll to resist knock down equal to the Warlocks Essence.

Joyful Cessation of Restraint
Enhanced: The Warlock can make (Essence + 1) Magical attacks. The Warlock may make the additional two attacks mentioned if any of the attacks in the flurry resulted in the victim being prone.

World-Breaker Grip
Enhanced: Those within the clenches of the Infernal’s hands are but puppets, unknowingly helping the bloodbath that coats the area. The accuracy and defense of this improvised weapons are changed to +0.

Screaming Meat Shield
Enhanced: Essence cost for the charm is reduced to 5m.

Infernal Monster Style

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