Broken Winged Seraphim Shintai

Broken Winged Seraphim Shintai
Requires: Devil-Tyran Avatar Shintai, One Handed Fury, Essence 5
Cost: – (special)
Action: – (special)
Duration: – (special)

(Temporary Fluff Entry)

Fury is but the first step in the path, but in its own scope, limited. The hatred and wrath that ignite the soul create a flame that, without purpose, consumes itself. Given such a purpose that fire could burn forever, channeling every memory of each transgression as fuel, burning hotter and hotter until those that would dare step within its path are immolated, their bodies burnt to ashes by the perfect smoldering flower of Retribution.

When the Witch bares its pained soul to the world and sheds the lies of lesser emotions does it unlock the path to the seed deep within itself, planted by the impossible fury they accepted was always their own. It permeates every sense of their being, poisoning (or as the afflicted might believe, purifying) their soul with the conflagrating outrage that can only be sated in kind. The resulting form is beautiful but alien exaggeration of the base form, and is here on referred to as the Angel.

This Shintai acts as a permanent modification of Devil-Tyrant Avatar Shintai.

  • When assumed, the Angel may choose one target within line of sight. The Angel manifests an additional Motivation of Unbridled Vengeance and Retribution against that target. Likewise if the target of their rage is slain or otherwise impossible to reach, a new target must be chosen on their next action. If a target is not chosen, the charms duration is reduced to Essence Actions.
  • The charm may be used explicitly with form type charms that are manifested by fury, hate or extreme violence(but not extreme masochism). This includes Infernal Monster, First Pulse style and any other the Story Teller might permit.
  • The charm may be assumed reflexively any time the character suffers lethal or aggravated damage.
  • The characters gains a special version of the wings Blight (and is refunded any points for an existing Wings purchase) in their mutation panoply. This six wings are both functional and symbolic in their power, and are twice as effective as normal wings when moving towards the target of negative motivation or intimacy (such as the one created by this charm).
  • The radiant transformation causes an explosion of immolating holocaust flame. The initial environmental damage when assuming this charm is increased to (Essence/Essence) to a range of 10 yards. There after the flames burn everything within 5 yards of the Angel at (Essence/4). Natural, or close melee attacks without the Reach tag are subject to this damage once per action. Charms and effects that provide immunity to fire do not functional against the holocaust flame, but instead add the targets essence in automatic successes on the resistance check.

Broken Winged Seraphim Shintai

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