Port Calin

The City of Tradewinds


Port Calin is ruled by the Shogun Ashura, an adolescent ruler whom came into power after the wise and well respected Shogun Atarus died of old age. Since her reign has started the city has become divided under the aggressive moves of the great fourteen houses which control much of the city. Each of the house elders is known as a Daimyo, and oversees an area of Port Calin as well as part of or an entire industry. All Daimyo are chosen by their heritage, being able to draw their lineage back to the first Shogun of Port Calin. Similarly the Shogun must also draw direct connection to this ancient figure only referred to as the Old Mother. Alliances between houses are seldom and short lived due to their mistrust of each other.


Port Calin is an Immaculate City, and pays regular services to its many local gods as well as that of the Yellow River. Holidays are common in the happy city, as are public feasts endorsed by one or more of the great houses. The main god of the city is known as Uri Suhuna, the Silent Sentry.


(not all are listed, only the important ones)

  • House Valernu: Masters of Ship Building. Currently thought to be a favored house as the Shoguns family is closely related to this house. Holds significant sway over the navy. Lead by Daimyo Drakanus.
  • House Elsis: Masters of Spices. Currently believed to be the wealthiest of all houses. Trades heavily with the South, Guild and the Realm. Lead by Daimyo Mur’Ingi.
  • House Lerut: Masters of Masonry and construction. Believed to have the most sway with the ‘common man’. Largest house in Port Calin. Lead by Daimyo Ishiki.
  • House Felle: Masters of the Bazaar and Vice Houses. Have been accused of misdoings recently but without any proof. Lead by Daimyo Yaren, also known as the Sword of Flowers.
  • House Chieng: Masters of the Watch and of the Militia. Feared for their power to potentially take over the city with martial power. Lead by Daimyo Fiona Ment.
  • House Nilus: Masters of the Heptagram, Alchemists, Priests and Seers. Are the only individuals in Port Calin permitted to summon or keep demons. Lead by Daimyo Wheld.

Guild Presence

Port Calin has a large and intentional Guild Presence. Members of the Guild are second class politicians and most commonly act as lobbyists to the Shogun or to Houses for their patronage or other arrangements. While not always liked, their jade flows freely within the city.

Realm Presence

Similar to Guild Presence, Port Calin is a landing spot for many members of the Realm. The Thousand Scales makes use of the port regularly to resupply as well as to meet with Guild Representatives on neutral ground. While welcome, the Realm has seldom make petitions to the leaders of Port Calin.

Lookshy Presence

Similar to the Realm, Lookshy keeps their interaction with Port Calin short and sweet. What few interactions the 7th legion has with the Realm are generally conducted within Port Calin. Lookshy will sometimes sell surplus artifacts at Port Calin, which can sometimes shut down the city due to the massive crowds that form up to catch a glimpse of a first age miracle.

Port Calin

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