Burning Embers

Game Two
A trip to Great Forks...

The Coven (minus a member) hops a ship to Great Forks, to find an angry river god throwing the ship violently. After some great rigging by Alvallah the coven discovers the most likely issue for the unseasonable back weather is an angry river god.

The solution? Blood of course! So the captain charges Alvallah with finding a sacrifice, which she does, but the pint size blood bucket (an albino baby fox) bites and frees itself from her iron grip before flying away as a….moth?

Flash forward, the coven reaches Great Forks and enjoys its shore leave the best way they know how; by shedding blood and sewing chaos! First stop; a cult of dragon/sun worshipers lead by a lady known as Yavana. The coven breaks into the cult utilizing rather direct methods (Cultist are paranoid, expect pass phrases!) and gets caught.

Quick to make deals with folks, Alvallah agrees to a deal with an Abyssal who sanctifies the deal. Little does the Abyssal know, fiends can wiggle out of such deals, and our heroine (?) does just that. Meanwhile Daisuke makes his way beneath the cult HQ and finds himself in a weird orgy filled with humans and a few dragon kings. Realizing some abrupt hate for dragon kings, the coven goes to town on the lot of them, killing them without mercy. When backup shows up (in the form of 15 guards), they take them out without breaking a sweat.

To finish off their afternoon stroll through Great Forks, the coven decides to pay a local silent sister a follow up visit to talk things out. Of course things don’t go well with half the party unable to speak (who did not see that coming?) and Alvallah settles things physically..although more specifically by taking a womans child and beating the woman to death with her.

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