An officer of the Fire Knives Guild


Height: 6 feet
Description: Tall and elegant, Vis moves like a shadow. While typically jovial and flirtatious (which seems to exude to either gender), Vis is generally silent and methodical, even prone to long fits of contemplated silence.

History: While the youngest current officer of the Fire Knives, Vis entire life has resided within the guild. After a ship was plundered on its way to Port Calin, the members of the job found a toddler hidden amongst the sacks. While many in the guild wished to leave the child at a temple, or even sell the child to Great Forks, the then leader Kalag (sometimes known as Kalag the Black) chose to instead raise the child within the Guild, although never took the child for his own. Vis grew up with an ever changing family and has grown accustomed to the revolving door that has been his social circle.


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