Avira is the Goddess of the Nexus, also known as the Mistress of Coins and the Goddess of Reasons.

Avira was once the half god offspring of Ghem, the prior god of the Nexus, and an unknown mortal woman. Following Calibration and the death of Ghem at the hands of a Fae Lord known only as the Lord of Autumn, Avira was raised by the Celestial Bureaucracy to a full God, which involved her temporary death before members of the Divine Order in Yu Shuan. As her mortal body died, her essence was stripped form the reincarnation process and was instead broken from its Po(lower) soul and allowed to reenter creation as a Goddess.

Avira is tended to by the Emissary, an exalted of unknown origin with wide scoping power within the Nexus. While the Emissary primarily has only reported to the Guild Council, he has bended the knee to Avira since she attained god hood.

Avira short history has been very public. She makes daily appearances within the Nexus and speaks to the common people whenever she can. It is said she attends Guild Council meetings and has been sighted at a number of local parties. If nothing she has been a very public god, and while she has demanded to holidays in her own name, many peasants have quickly dedicated to her a great deal of worship.


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