The Empress has disappeared, the Solars have returned. Creation has begun to fall to Chaos under the growing threat of the Death Knights and along the boundaries of creation, creatures of the Wyld have ignored their age old pacts and have again begun to violate the sovereignty of the world.

In Maelfaes, the Yozi have begun to stir. With their new warlocks and witches, each of the members of the Reclamation has begun their own agendas for taking back over creation. Following a slow start, certain Yozi have began to work in tandem with others to group resources while their goals align. For some time Maelfaes and his sister Cecelyne have been public allies, forming powerful covens to do their will. More recently the unexpected has occurred though, the Scourging Wind, Adjoran and the one once known as the Shadow of All Things, the Ebon Dragon, have announced a similar pact. The public nature has upset many denizens of hell given the nature of both Yozi has always been quite contrary. The covens they have formed (referred too by many demons as Crimson Shadow Covens, due to their abrupt and violent natures) are fresh and still unproven, but are still the talk of Maelfaes streets and pleasure parlors.

Burning Embers

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